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About Tambora

Book, Music, and Lyrics by
Lisette Glodowski and Richard C. Walter

Inspired by actual events, Tambora: The Lost Kingdom is a historical fiction set on the slopes of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia.  In present day Indonesia, archeologist Dr. Lynn Robertson begins to uncover unusual items during a routine dig on Mt. Tambora.  As she begins to wonder about the origins of the items, we are transported back to 1815, where we meet Margaret Dirmith, a free-spirited young british woman with dreams of being a scientist, her brother Cliff, an aspiring young tradesman, and Samuel Rafford, a seasoned and hard-nosed tradesman mentoring Cliff.  When the three arrive in the Kingdom of Tambora, a thriving civilization known for its valuable goods, Rafford and Cliff get right to work establishing strong connections in the trade market while Margaret begins to uncover unusual geologic features hidden in the spectacular beauty of the island.

At the same time, Taman Hartono and Dumadi Yonatan are awaiting the arrival of the british somewhat anxiously, but for different reasons.  Taman dreams of making Tambora an international trading port, while Dumadi dreams of finding a way out of Tambora and discovering who he is meant to be.  But things get complicated as these 5 characters cross paths and change each other’s lives in the months leading up to the unexpected and catastrophic volcanic eruption that wiped out the entire kingdom.  

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